Friday, February 10, 2012

Off season - Re: Larry

The seasons are out of wack. Lambs being born mid winter and fruit ripening earlier than usual.
My grandmothers plum trees, which usually give fruit the size of a golf ball with a color of deep red, gave off fruit this year the size of tennis balls and they were juicy and sweet at green. We have several cherry plum trees on our property, the biggest one didn't give fruit at all this year. It's strange because it's the first year it hasn't given fruit. It blossomed nicely, but the fruit just never came.

Prepping the back car port for our first load of wood for winter, I noticed one of the plum trees at the back riddled with cherry plums. The tree is small and the fruit is green, but they are very much so ripe and juicy.

There's easily a few thousand on the tree. I picked enough to full a shopping bag.
Me thinks a plum salsa is in the works .. it will go well with a steak of veal that we can't afford.

If you ever come to New Zealand, come in summer when most fruits are in season. Hawkes Bay is known as the fruit bowl of New Zealand because the fruit here is plenty. If you ever see Enza apples in international grocery stores, they're straight from The Bay. Pacific Rose is the top species of apple.

Re: Larry
Uneventful morning at the hospital for test 2. When the hospital called for the appointments two times were set up. 2.30pm on the 9th and 9.30am on the 10th. Both times on the hospital computer weren't the ones they gave. They had 12.30pm on the 9th and 8am on the 10th. We were 30 minutes late yesterday because of this and an hour late today.

Their fault.

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