Saturday, February 25, 2012

Larell's Saturday in Hawkes Bay

My sister sent her 3 year old down for the weekend with her sister-in-law, who was coming down to attend a wedding.
This post is for my sister.

To Mum,
We started off at the beach. I wasn't allowed go down to the rock pools because I'm too small.

Then I was a KIA and thought I could do the big kids confidence course at the park.

I fell off these twice, but I didn't cry.

Then we had some lunch.

Bacon & Egg pie Nan made and yogurts.

We made Jeston push us round.

I got chicken on the seesaw because Rome is heavier than me and there was absolutely no balance in the seesaw force.

After lunch we went to Ocean Spa. Here I am under the fountain. Aunty told me if I went through, she'd buy me an ice-block.

She said you owe me a ice-block when I get home.
This was the extent of my swim - 2 minutes.

Me & Aunty sat under here and watched my cousins swim in the rain.
I walked all the way down the chair...

... and walked all the way back.

Then I ran all the way down ...

... and ran all the way back.

Just as I was about to go all the way down a 3rd time ...

... I changed my mind.

When we came home to Nans we had a hula night.

Romey Girl shook her booty.

I shook mine.

Then we had a fight over this tree and some make-up and Nan said hula night was over and sent Rome home.

And I fell asleep watching the NZ premier of Terra Nova (it was that great) at appoximately 10pm.

See you tomorrow.
Have my ice-block ready!
Love Larell.
PS: Aunty could not wash out the lip gloss from my hair.
PPS: It was not lip gloss, it was surfboard wax and I've been applying it to my lips all day.

The boys hat is in her bag.

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