Wednesday, February 1, 2012


There are 47 more weeks left in the year, 46 if you believe the Mayan calendar and think we're all going to blow up on the 21st.

The idea came from two people. One an avid follower of the blog whom everytime I post food insists that I take recipes given to me and make something new daily. The other from one of my sisters in law who told me I should try new recipes and blog. Larry agreed.

It will be a weekly thing.

I have 7 recipes so far and need 40 more.
Feel free to email me one!

Caldo de Siete Mares is the one on my list (which will appear at the right) that may prove challenging because of the ingredients. You'd think seafood is available in abundance here, but no.

Tonights recipe?
Paleo Chili - thanks to Marta.

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