Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Date

It was a good day for a date today, so off we went to East Pier in Napier for lunch.

Is it really a date when you have a monster with you? We were both nervous about bringing her into a semi-fancy restaurant. We had to wake her up before we went in and that's never a good idea.

Larry got the all day breakfast. He said it's the best restaurant breakfast he's ever had since we moved to New Zealand.

Hubba-Lush had the kids platter.

I had beer battered fish n chips.

Apart from launching fries across the table from her high chair, she was very civil.

Everytime Tyler passed by the table she'd give her baby sister a smooch.
Very unprofessional.

Chocolate sundae for dessert.

Banana Fritters with ice-cream and butterscotch sauce.

Home time!

Tyler was a great waitress and when she asked for a tip, I gave her a winning $2 instant kiwi ticket I had scratched a few weeks ago and told her not to spit into the wind.

Side note: I did not win the lotto tonight.

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