Monday, February 6, 2012

Deep fried platter - 2/47 + Super Bowl 46

#16 was a deep fried platter of some sort.


Onion Rings.


Flour - Egg - Panko.
For a crispier batter: Milk - Flour - Egg - Flour
For a tempura batter: Milk - Rice Flour - Egg - Rice Flour.

This was our super bowl platter accompanied with different sauces not including ranch because NZ don't sell a decent ranch dressing. Regardless of my heritage, I've always loved the Star Spangled Banner over every other national anthem in the whole world. Runner up would be Australia. Our national anthem is in my bottom 5. We're an hour into the game and Larry has dialysis at 2.45pm. Hoping Madonna is entertaining the crowd during my drive to the unit and back. She's in my top 5 of musical abominations.

Mi Americano.
I'm contending with him comparing American football to Rugby.
"The Americans demolish each other in tackles - not like those All Blacks!"
" You can pass forward in football - not like those All Blacks!"
" It's almost choreographed in football - not like those left foot All Blacks!"
" Their play is contained - not like those All Blacks!"
"That's how you do it All Blacks! Take a leaf from Americas page!"

I've reminded him three times now that the All Blacks won the rugby world cup last year.
I'm about to pop a cap.

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