Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We talked about our birthdays the other night. He was born on the 6th US time, which is the 7th NZ time. I was born on the 8th NZ time, which is the 7th US time. Cheesy, but we like to think we share the same birthdays ... 19 years apart. What a coinkidink.

March last year Larry was declined residency.

I'm safe to say it here because he doesn't read the blog at all .. his birthday will be a great one. I'm very much so ok with not expecting anything from him. His eye sight won't be good inside a store on his own nor would he be able to see the eftpos machine to pay for something. Understood.

I'm glad he has dialysis that day .. I need him to be gone for a couple of hours.

Operation B-Day is underway.

We are also having a birthday for Rome, who will be 4 on the 9th.
Wish Larell could come to it!

(It's on Saturday the 10th just incase you consider it F.K.A)

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