Monday, February 27, 2012

5/47 - Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Chào mừng!
Start with vermicilli. 15 minutes in cold water, then chop it up into inch sized strips.

I had no sausage meat and my car currently has no rego to go into town to get sausage meat (this will change tomorrow for concerned family), so I used steak mince.

Grate cabbage, dice onions & garlic, add the vermicilli and 2 tbsps of white wine.

Add mince.

Spoon 2 tbsps into a sausage like shape and roll.
(Fold in sides and roll)

I had enough spring roll wraps left over to improvise a dessert spring roll.
Cookies, cream cheese & choc chips.

6 minutes in the fryer or until golden.

Serve with sweet thai chili sauce or a peanut satay.

I called my sis-in-law Michelle to come down. I told her to tell my brother it was a female emergency, but he knew I was full of it.

They were better than great.

Thanks to Kim-ly from Danang, Vietnam for the top recipe!

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