Monday, February 13, 2012

4/47 - Early valentines.

3/47 - Seafood Chowder
We had Valentines Day early. Larry has dialysis tomorrow afternoon.
The pictures explain themselves.

Fish broth. Clams & Oyster Sauce.

4/47 - Chocolate Molten/Lava Cake.
For real .. I will never make this again unless someone pays me to. Do you know what makes it "molten" and "lava"? No, not the gooey goodness that is uncooked chocolate inside the cake after breaking into it, but the chocolate explosion burned into the bottom of my oven as it oozed out mid-bake.

All that aside ... it was a fantastic recipe that gave me a headache times ten.

Our Valentines table set up.
Romantic yes? There's an unlit candle in there somewhere.
I had too much to do today .. I should not have bothered with valentines food, but I love my husband enough to cook despite a work deadline (hence the computers).

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