Monday, January 23, 2012

There is no end to light

Hanging the washing on the line tonight I looked up to see a familiar sight from rural-ville. I took for granted the sight after nearly 3 years of being back and I appreciated the visual. On the verge of calling Larry out to observe, it hit me that unless I hit him across the head with a baseball bat, he'll never see stars again.

I spent sometime outside tonight with my camera playing around with settings to get a decent shot of The Iron Pot, which is the upside down version of Orions Belt. With an ISO of 1600 the image was too grainy. It gets that way after about 400. Settled with 200 ISO. Opened the aperture right up and set it to a Bulb.

A 3 minute exposure got me the photo above using a 105mm wide angle lens with the focus ring set at infinity. He was able to identify Orions Belt when enlarged on our TV screen.

Perhaps this is why I got the itch to take up photography as a profession ... I really wanted to be a Princess.

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