Saturday, January 14, 2012

Re: Larry

Haemo dialysis continues. He's been doing evening sessions 5pm - 10pm. This is better than 7am - 1pm, but our biological clocks are all out of whack because he sleeps at dialysis only to come home and stay awake until 2am - 3am.

He had an episode of "going flat" yesterday and his blood pressure, as of late, has dropped to as low as 70/65. Not sure exactly why, but we'll need a Doctors appointment this week to figure that one out.

This next week he has an Ophthalmologist appointment and a Renal appointment. Hawkes Bay does not have a Nephrologist locally. Twice a month the specialists or registrars come up from Wellington to see renal patients here. They'll decide what happens with Larry next. It's very possible he's on haemo for the rest of his life, but we are hoping his peritoneal cavity has not been damaged from the last 6 months of issues.

For those who have been skyping, private messaging, facebooking - many thanks for your continued support and concern. Larry very rarely sits at his computer. Now and again I read him skype messages. I try encourage him to 'try' look at LightWave, but I think he's embraced his blindness and is running with that.

Really, even though he's had years experience, what can a blind lightwaver do?
It's kinda sad.

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