Monday, January 2, 2012


Meet Rimu. He's the keeper of all my secrets.

I've been keeping journals since I was 8 years old. When I was 10, in 1989, I took a shovel to the back yard and buried 2 years of journals in a plastic shopping bag. I restarted journal keeping in 1992 just before my first niece was born and most of the entries began with, "Dear Tyler".

I've kept one every year since 1992 and most have daily entries. Larry has space in Rimu for the 2 he's ever kept. One while on his mission and another early on in his first marriage. Neither book is full.

I also keep shopping lists and organizers. They have space in Rimu too. I can tell you what I bought from Albertsons one winter night 5 years ago by pulling that shopping list out.

Larry's missionary handbook from 1984. (I was 5)

2011 books made their home in Rimu tonight. I have no pages left.
On Dec 31st, 2011 it had been:
4153 days since we were married.
2396 days without Aunty Hop.
841 days without Aunty Marva.
540 days since we were temple sealed.
485 days since Carlos was born and finally, 170 days since Larry got Residency.
All important dates to me.
I asked Larry if he thought I was a loser because I document this stuff.
"You're approaching that .."

Here are 2012s books, not including the trusty white board on the fridge.
One for photo shoot appointments and cooking orders, one for medical appointments, one's a personal journal, ones the shopping list, ones our 2012 to do list, one is for bill payments & finances.
Being organized is a type of cleanliness which is next to Godliness.

He thinks having 6 books to manage our lives for one year is loco.

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