Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2 minute snacks - Re: Larry

Teenagers wanted to go get ice-cream and fries from Gull tonight. I didn't want to go anywhere. They complained about being hungry. I wasn't going anywhere and we had our dinner at 5pm. It was 10pm.
I don't like making do when it comes to food, but sometimes you just have to.
Marshmallows left over from christmas, M&Ms from christmas and cornflakes made a satisfying substitute for ice-cream and fries.

I need a new password for our WiFi - this is all they did for HOURS.

Re: Larry
He woke up blind this morning. He seems to think his eye is bleeding again. It's been bothering him all day. He's been off Resveratrol for about a month now because it's too pricey and not subsidized at all. When we were in the US I shopped at alot for herbs and supplements. On a whim, I logged on to the site today to be greeted with international shipping fees and it's a keeper. 3 months of reseveratrol from NZ would cost us $120NZD from the store Health 2000. $120NZD on vitacost spent on the same product will give us 2 years worth. Score.

We hadn't been doing eye drops for a while either because they made his eyes hurt so we stopped. I restarted one drop last night and this happens. Could be a coinkidink.

He managed to overload himself with fluid during the weekend. Happy New Year grape juice will do that to you. It's a battle I can't win. As much as I bitch about his fluid intake, nothing works. He doesn't listen and I'm at peace with that. It's him getting told off by the charge nurse in the unit not me. They took off almost a gallon of fluid at Mondays treatment. Due in tomorrow afternoon for another round of haemo.

Men and teenagers are very much alike.
Neither listen and they're always hungry.

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