Thursday, December 15, 2011

This week.

My parentals have 15 grandchildren ranging from 18 to 1.
All, but 2, will be home for Christmas.

Tyler and Shai with Uncle Larry.

Jaamin, Rome, Carlos, Zion, Novah & Jeston.

Jaamin & Carlos

Kiara & Novah belong to my older brother, who won't be joining us for Christmas. They came home from Australia during the week.

Zion too.
3 more arrive from Australia tomorrow.
It's the best part of Christmas all the kids being here.

(Come on Ponz, jump in the car and gap it down here when Min comes. Your kids absense is going to ruin the photo of all the kids together!)

Taking Brittle orders.

Original peanut.

Banana Walnut.

Very tasty.

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