Thursday, December 22, 2011

Monday to Wednesday

Monday night everyone marae styled it in the Parentals lounge.

Tuesday, despite the cold temps, 7 kids decided to play with water.

Coral's jumps were winners. (of course)

Rome Marelise.

Rome & Kiara

Bionic Ngawi

This is about as decorative as our town gets at Christmas time.
Late night shopping. The three major stores in town are open till midnight this week and its exciting because they usually shut down at 8pm.

Wednesday: Talent show/X-Factor/American Idol but in New Zealand night on Ma's patio.
All those chairs for 4 audience members.

Ward youth Christmas carollers crashed the talent show.

Home for dessert.

Cornbread ...

... with feijoas ...

... and white chocolate.

Good stuff.

Love christmas time .. but love it more when it's all over.

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