Saturday, December 3, 2011

Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Larry's Mom sent her magic recipe .. see above.
I made it lastnight with the family at my parents place and my sis-in-law Michelle said, "It's the best thing I've ever eaten" to which Larry replied, "Poor primate".

I'll keep the recipe secret. It's where it belongs.
Yeah, it's that good.

NZ don't have a sharp chedaar readily available in a the supermarket. Edam is ok, Mild cheddar kinda tastes like feet when melted. The best cheese in NZ to melt is Egmont, but $11 per 500kgs is a bit much for so little. Colby is your best choice.
I wish they had Marble Colby here.

20mins in the oven.

I added a basic paella to the bottom of the dish before layering.

It was fantastic.

The baby climbed all over Larry lastnight for a taste. Surprisingly, she was ok with the medium salsa verde.

Tonight's serving.

Like his haircut?
Yeah, me either.
I'll tell you why it's a good choice of haircut.
The tunnel line in his shoulder can't get wet at all. The catheter in his stomach is already infected and so, can't get wet either. His shower routine is particular and extremely careful, it has to be. An infection in the tunnel line will lead right to his jugular. So, the hair had to go because it was a pain in the ass to wash daily.

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