Friday, December 30, 2011

12 Months with Larry

January: Home from Auckland after 4 months at Nephrocare (love those nurses!).

February: Cataract Surgery as a non-resident.

March: Back to Auckland for needle training for PD Bags.

April: Back to Auckland again for what would be our final appointment with Dr. Voss.

May: The Livians bought our baby back from Australia after having her since September ;) Thanks guys!
Everything started to go downhill healthwise.

June: Blood transfusion as a non-resident. Health was pretty bad. Catheter stopped working.

July Part 1: Emergency Haemo dialysis. PD Bags had been out of order for 4 weeks and he had not been properly dialysed in that time. Very sick. Immigration residency denied. Appeal denied. About to hang myself with a pink florescent colored shoe lace.

July Part 2: We are going no where!
Immigration & Appeals Tribunal decisions overturned and Residency granted.

August: First Recormon shots as a Resident. First Recormon shot in months. No more $200 for one.

September: Spring. Haemo 3 times a week. Now a Kiwi.

October: First hospital stay as a Resident. Tenckhoff removed and new one installed.

November: Thanksgiving. It was all for him and he was asleep and exhausted post-haemo.

December: In hospital again. Tenckhoff removed, eye surgery.

It's was an uphill battle for the first half of the year, but after bombarding God with prayers and hopes, he heard us all and for that, it has turned out to be one of the best years of my life.

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