Thursday, November 24, 2011


Long day. A Larry post will follow at the end.

Cherries are usually expensive this time of the year. I planned Boysenberry Tarts/Mini Pies. Found morcello cherries when I went to the store to buy boysenberries.

Wine cookie base. Similar to Marie cookies.

Tart filling.

Fondant lattice.

I tried my luck with pumpkin pie. The only way you eat pumpkin here in New Zealand is roasted and salted. Anything else is pure abomination.

The wind changed our plans during the week from a gazebo on the front lawn to the garage in my back yard. The size of my garage changed that plan to taking Thanksgiving 5 houses down the street to my Mums house. We were set to have it outside in her car port when it rained this morning and we went inside.

On the menu was:
Cranberry Sauce
Korean style mashed potatoes (cold with kewpie mayo)
Mokato Asparagus (green beans aren't fresh this time of the year and I didn't want frozen ones)
Sweet Potato Salad

Smashed Pavalova with a Feijoa Coulis
Cherry Tarts/Pies
Mini Pumpkin Pie

It was all fantastic. I have sore feet and next year we'll go to Tommo's for a Turkey Burger.

Re: Larry
Believe it or not, Larry missed Thanksgiving tonight. We had an 11am appointment with the renal nurses in the AAU where they tried to flush his non-working new catheter. It wasn't happening. As she pushed the flush through there was a push of pressure against the inflow and as she withdrew fluid from it, everything turned pink. Blood. The appointment was to push some Urokinase through his catheter to unblock a possible blockage. That didn't happen after the initial flush bought back blood and gave Larry some internal discomfort.

He had dialysis today and I had a turkey to cook. I left him with the hospital and came home. 4.30pm, I send my brother to pick him up. Larry said once I left everything went down hill for him. They had to take him off of dialysis a few times so he could vomit and if he hadn't of fought his way out of it, they would have admitted him to the hospital because he wasn't doing too well. Just another addition to the growing list of, "When is it a good time to call the spouse and advise". Useless.

He's going back in for surgery to try and manipulate the catheter or insert a new one completely. It's not bad news, but it's not news to be thankful for either.

He had a fever, felt like crap and slept from 5pm - 9pm tonight missing Thanksgiving completely. So 24 Maoris had a US Thanksgiving tonight while the American slept. It's ok, we saved him some turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving USA.
I have sore feet.

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