Wednesday, November 2, 2011


One thing I love about November, specific to the USA, is Thanksgiving. My first two years in the USA we had Denny's Thanksgivings, but I caught on after those two years and did the whole turkey thing up until we left.

NZ doesn't celebrate or observe Thanksgiving, there isn't really any NZ holiday similar to it either. Since we've been back we haven't celebrated or observed because our experience since being back hasn't called for anything to be thankful for to be honest. As you very well know, this year is much different and Larry asked if we could do something small. Me, him and my parents.

Something small in my family includes at least 20 people.

So we're going all out for it this year and I'm excited. So excited I bought stuff for centerpieces yesterday and sent out invitations this morning. I have the whole thing plotted out on pieces of paper on the fridge. In sticking with the traditional menu, I've switched out a few things to suit for the weather because no one wants piping hot mashed potatoes with gravy or candied yams on a hot spring evening.

PS. Please don't come, I maxed at 25.

I want my sister to come, but she has pre-arranged plans. So the labels are just for her, because I'm pretty excited about the whole thing that I feel it my duty to share ... and she's all the way in Auckland.

Happy Birthday to my nephew Jasiah who is 2 today!

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