Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gardens & such

It's that time of the year again. I tried a garden in California, but the Mojave desert wasn't our friend and it never worked out.
Seeding: 3 types of chilis, kamokamo (a type of courgette), Tomatillos & Romaine Lettuce.
Roma tomatoes on the right.

Yellow pepper/capsicum.

Strawberry plants were 99cents at Pak n Save last week.

We're trying something new this year. Growing tomatoes upside down. They're hanging from the front porch roof. These are cherry tomatoes.

The herb pot.
Cilantro didn't do well in our garden, but it's growing nicely in the pot (top herb).
The Parsley always does well in the pot and the Hot & Spicy Sage on the left is for pizza!

Two kinds of lettuce.
Romaine lettuce & Tom Thumb lettuce. There is also Dill in the Thumb lettuce pot.

I'm using pots this year because I truly do hate weeding the gardens.

Sugar peas in a hanging basket. they'll grow up the porch fence.

This is an As Seen on TV upside down tomato grower I picked up for $10 at a local store. Two Roma's are growing in this one.

My brothers seeds are growing. All the sprouts you can see are cos Lettuce.

They also got the 99 cent strawberry plants. Sugar peas in the back and Silver Beet on the left.


Carlos fell asleep bouncing up and down on his knees.

Pizza for dinner.

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