Saturday, September 17, 2011


Still on haemo. It's very tiresome for him. The other patients are 70-80 year olds. Even if he could talk to him, he still can't understand the Kiwi accent. I still repeat myself in conversation with him.

Eye appointment on Monday. Hoping he gets into surgery ASAP as that left eye is not looking too fantastic. The iris is completely yellow, blisters in that eye irritate him and it's forever leaking. I do hate that this has happened to that eye all because of money, but I am thankful that after 2 attempts at residency, that failed, we were awarded it by the skin of our teeth.
Overall health is ok. There are good days and there are bad days. The restriction of staying home all the time, because he's too tired or I'm too tired to go anywhere, has crept up on him. The sight restriction get's him down .. he can't see the blossoms that spring brings, but we have residency.

Just breathe.
Things do get better.

Thanks to Ron Tang, who just found out recently re: Larrys Residency, for this! - He's about 100 lbs lighter than the portrayal in the image ;)

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Melissa said...

I hope things start getting better.
Did you say your husband find s the kiwi accent tough to understand still?

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