Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning.

These are mostly for my sister, because she doesn't think I'm a fantastic cleaner. This is ok because I don't think she's a fantastic cook.

The fire corner use to harbour all the bags we didn't need to see. When I cleaned the area, there were 5 bags full of stuff.

Aunty's Room. She's been dead for 2 years, but it's still her room just incase she want's to come home for a long weekend. It would be welcomed!

The big room. Our room.

Oil spilled in my cupboards a week ago and it was time to replace the lining.

Also threw out the expired bottles that were in there. One was a soda stream orange flavor that expired in 2001.

I didn't quite make it to working on the kitchen benches today after everything else.

Moved the filing cabinet and the brittle table. The slab of marble is now on top of the dining room table and if I move it with the slab on it, the whole thing will probably break and collapse.

Aunty Hop's room. I have not yet got around to calling it 'Larry's computer room', because I'm sentimental and can't bring myself to do so. Everyone still says, "The Aunties House".

And our Hubba is 1 tomorrow. We'll have a birthday for her on Sunday when Nan is home from work. She still can't walk, but that's ok because she's cute.

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