Monday, August 29, 2011

US Immigration

When I was frantic, I posted to several different immigration forums re: trying to get back into the USA after being gone for longer than a year. A few days ago after speaking with a friend, Larry threw out a possibility of moving back to the USA. Immediately I said, "We didn't just go through 2 years of hell just to move back there 2 months later", however, I'm open to the idea of being bi-coastal between countries.

Funny enough. A response came from one of the forums just a few days before that linked me directly to the US Immigration website for residents who have been outside of the States for longer than a year who do not have a re-entry permit who qualify, by way of extreme circumstances that were out of your control (eg: health issues), to apply for a re-entry permit based on the inability to travel at the time of the one year mark.

6 weeks late, but still very useful.

There's also no harm in querying being Naturalized. I can't remember if it was 5 years or 10 years to have held Residency before applying to be naturalized, but as my issue with US Immigration is full of technicalities, there is no harm in trying.

Eye appointment scheduled for a few weeks time.

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La Vida Buena.

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