Friday, August 26, 2011

New Renal Specialist

We met our new Renal Specialist today. She was so surprised by the overturned judgement re: Immigration that she wanted to see his passport for proof. I have only briefed the public about the overturned decision because it was requested that we not go public with the details, and I must abide by that. We didn't have his passport to show her, but this was ok.

Loved our previous Renal Specialist, but he's too far to visit once a month.

Diabetes has come up as the big reason as to why his kidneys failed. Because he has never been officially diagnosed here, it's become somewhat a mystery to some experts who don't understand why his blood work has always been good when he shows signs of diabetes causing all the problems. I know it's diabetes, but try telling Larry that when he's getting good bloods.

His catheter surgery is scheduled for the end of next month, but because his catheter site looks a little gross, they are hoping to have the surgery moved forward.

I've said it before that the eye people don't like us (Villa 3 at HBDHB) and I've been trying to get an appointment with his Ophthalmologist for 6 weeks now with no luck. The Renal Nurse told us today that he has an appointment next month. Good news. He needs work on the left eye, which we've been told several times before, is out of action permanently, but the right eye is the keeper.

He misses working.

He misses checking his emails.

He misses adding to forum bliss. I stopped reading them out to him. Sometimes it's like reading a script from The View .. and that show is like nails on a chalkboard.

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