Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rough night.

We've been advised to get Larry back to the USA in the next 48 hours. This means separation.

Here's how things are emotionally.

I have a blind husband who can barely find his way around the house. Now imagine him finding his way through the Auckland airport, then sitting on a plane for 13 hours not being able to watch in flight entertainment, not being able to move through the cabin freely because of his poor sight. Now imagine him getting through LAX airport, waiting for customs, trying to identify his luggage and onto another flight to NM, then through that airport to the exit.

We've also been advised that I remain here and fight the battle here that is, getting some kind of waiver for his appeal. If he leaves the country he basically abandons it.

Yesterday I said 6 - 7k for the surgery. By the end of yesterday it was 30k for treatment. If we had that kind of money we'd need to head to Auckland for a few 2 weeks of haemo, the surgery and another 2 weeks to heal while on haemo before he can go back onto CAPD.

We need something and we need that something today.
Understanding politicians.
Winning lotto ticket.
God's grace.

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