Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to New Zealand

Monday: We knew we had a dialysis treatment Tuesday, so we prepared for that. In the meantime, our GP sent yet another letter to the IPT re: the appeal and the urgency to come to a decision. Like everyday of our lives, we were waiting.

Tuesday: Dialysis day as a non-resident. Larry was informed that today would be the last day the hospital allows him to dialyse. It's too much money with a limited amount of resources. The nurses in the dialysis unit could only offer their support of hope and sympathy, we even got hugs from a few of them. Our GP came to do a physical on Larry to send to the NM clinic that would treat him upon his return to the USA. Strongly advised that it was time to leave.

Wednesday: Time to leave. We held a family fast. We checked tickets, cried, called family and friends, cried some more. Our GP called saying the tribunal had come to a decision re: his appeal and it wasn't looking too good. Tears.

Thursday: Stayed home all morning with my mouse hovering on the BUY NOW button on Air NZ's website. Everyone called. GP called to see where we were on buying tickets. Bishop to see how we were emotionally. Family did the same. Midday we got an email then text then phone call from our GP who said our files were with a higher power than the IP Tribunal as the Tribunal had declined the appeal. We should have an answer sometime in the afternoon.

I had a photo shoot to be at. I left despite there was no call. When I got home 2 hours later I received the news we'd been waiting for. Residency granted.

Friday: HBDHB would not have had a good day today.
Recormon shots that were once upon a time $200 per shot are now 12 shots for $3.
Haemo Dialysis that was $900 per session 3x per week are now free.
CAPD home care which was $5000 per month, now free.
Blood tests which were $160 a pop, free.
Surgeries. Free.
Guess who's going on the transplant list before the end of the month.

Saturday: His first round of haemo dialysis as a NZ Resident.

There are hundreds of people to thank and from the bottom of our hearts we thank you all.
God only gives you what you can handle, not what you deserve. He will take you to the very edges of nightmares cliff, but he will never let you fall.

I don't know that there is any reason to continue the blog now, it's point is now moot. My sole reason for starting the blog was simply to stay together and after a 2 year battle, we have achieved that. 7 years battling the US Immigration and 2 years battling the NZ Immigration. Our lives started today, after close to 11 years of marriage we are truly free from the immigration cloud that was a constant over us.

We won our freedom.


Mark said...

Even if you stop blogging - and let's face it, now that you've secured your time together it would make sense to enjoy it together - please leave this blog online as an inspiration to others going through similar crap.

Melissa said...

What a huge blessing.
I'm really happy for both of you, plus others who have suffered with your pain.

Shawn Marshall said...

I'm so happy for you and your good news. A small ray of hope in this increasingly dark world. It's nice to know that sometimes, albeit infrequently, politicians will do the right, humane thing.

Please keep the blog going to keep us updated on Larry's treatment and recovery.

Take care.

W. Shawn Marshall
Portland, Oregon

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