Friday, July 1, 2011

Long Day

Larry hasn't dialysed properly since Tuesday because there's an issue with his tube and the outflow drain. It's ok going in, not so much coming out.

We left at 9am.

We had a 10.15am appointment this morning with our GP. We got there early and lucky we did because it was a LONG day. After a 10 minute talk to the GP, she decided Larry needed 1. X-Rays and 2. Heparin.

As I said, something is going on with his tube inside his gut. Last night we cleared that it was an 'intestine blockage' issue and more a too much fibrin issue. Heparin would be needed to clear the fibrin issue away and we'd be back to draining normally right? No.

She sent us to the hospital for X-Rays because her Radiologist friend would expedite the process and check the results out himself and report back pronto. Our Dr took care of the invoice and the invoice for the heparin, but it was $3 and I had $3 so ..

2 hours waiting at the hospital for an x-ray and we were finally seen. I shouldn't get irritated at the fact that my sick husband was asleep and snoring in a fulled waiting room, but I was. The X-Ray took 10 minutes. We went back to our clinic to wait for results.

Bloods, Recormon shot .. the results came an hour later. Radiologist friend gave good news. The catheter was in the right place and all was well. We were sent out to pick up the heparin. Came back and waited an hour for the GP and Nurse, who did not know how to administer the heparin. I know what I was taught, but what they were going to do was the biggest hell no. I was trained how to add it to a dialysis bag using the port. They were going to open his catheter and put the heparin straight through his tube. It got me sweating as they talked about it. I was glad when she finally said she'd ring the renal nurse at the renal house.

Out of the goodness of their hearts, they shouldn't touch Larry at all, the Renal Nurse agreed to help out. We were sent there. Waited 30 minutes for her to get back from the hospital ward. She changed out his old catheter, something we would have had to drive to Auckland to do this month, and she pushed in the heparin. I was told I'd need to flush it out with a manual bag in an hour, using only half the fluid in the bag. This should fix the outflow draining issue, since we know the catheter is in place.

Got home at 4pm.
GP rang to tell us the Renal Specialist in Hawkes Bay had looked over Larry's X-Rays and had a different opinion to that of her Radiologist friend. The catheter is indeed out of place and not only that, Larry is infact constipated and will require some super lax to take care of that problem over the weekend. If by Monday he hasn't moved, a manipulation surgery will take place. The specialist was confident that the super lax he's advised he take will do the trick nicely.

2 shots later, no dice.

By 5pm I had been back to the clinic a 4th time to pick up the super lax and the heparin flush was due.

No bueno on the drainage. The heparin was not needed (glad it was only $3). The drain out, which should have been 10 minutes, took 3 hours.

No dialysis for the weekend and it's definitely catching up on him. At least now we know what he can't last 3 days without it before he begins to fall back into the comatose state he lived in for a year last year.

It's a sad thing to watch.
I'd never wish it upon anyone.

This weekend, we pray for poop.

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