Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mid June.

Yesterday morning I emailed the local National MP for Hawkes Bay. We'd met with his secretary before, who gave us some advice when we were going through NZ Residency. I emailed him and gave him the same brief I gave to the Tribunal and got an email back yesterday afternoon asking if we had time to meet at his office today to discuss some options.

Our appointment is at 4pm and I'm not sure what to expect. I've been reading through alot of political propaganda lately and I landed at the NZ National Anthem.

The 4th verse reads:

Let our love for Thee increase,
May Thy blessings never cease,
Give us plenty, give us peace,
God defend our Free Land.

My husband is a blessing. Being home with my family, who too have taken on my burden, is a blessing. Being comfortable in a home with everything we will ever need is a blessing. Our peace and plenty is right here .. in a country that claims it's free.

NZ is not ethical.
NZ is not humanitarian.
NZ, for a Citizen, is definitely not free.

As I watch the National Party slowly make a mess of my country, not much is impressing me right now as a citizen and it's hard to find faith in that alone.

I need La Vida Buena.

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