Monday, June 6, 2011

Cornbread Feijoa & White Chocolate something.

My sister kept telling me about her feijoa & white chocolate crumble. Of course I had to one up her and do a corn bread feijoa & white chocolate crumble, but its not crumble per se.

It was a quick effort. I was making corn bread to go with chili tonight and there were no muffin pans left for the left over dough. I took the mini springform, added a bottle of perserved feijoas and dumped a handful of white chocolate on top.

Baked it for 10 minutes (after baking the corn bread half done).
It was delicious.
White chocolate melts fast and melts funny, unlike normal chocolate.
Just watch it when you use white chocolate. I have no other tips.
PS: I didn't use enough white chocolate chips.

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