Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flintstones Anti-Stress Vitamins don't work, even if you take the Dino one.

I've said it before, time is not on our side. We're nearing what looks to be a very unfortunate end to our New Zealand experience and a battle to another US one.

We should have enough dialysis up until mid July. There will be no extension beyond that because the powers that be believe our best bet is to go back to the United States. Again, I need to educate winners who don't 'get it'.

7 years I battled with the United States Immigration. I've been recorded as having been deported once. They tell me to surrender my Green Card and reapply, but I'm torn because I think they'll drop the deportation card on me again. Even if I did that, I wouldn't be returning to the US with Larry initially. He will be on his own. I need to wait out Residency here.

I know it's inhumane to send a disabled dependant man on his merry way solo, but the people that matter don't share that opinion.

My country is being very inbred and unhumanitarian.
Kia Ora New Zealand.

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