Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Local MP

I knew we should have cancelled, but Larry insisted.

Friday we went to the local National MP's (Republican equivalent) office.
When our Doctor told us the Wednesday before that she had received a call from the Immigration & Protection Tribunal, I wanted to back out of the visit to the MP and my instincts told me not to go because the reason we were going was to get a push along with the appeal and we got it via our Doctor.

They want us gone. Family, home, who cares - they want us gone. When I asked, "Do you think it's right to kick a citizen out of their own country?", I received the reply, "It's too much money".

My feeling is not to back down.
My feeling is to not go anywhere.
My feeling is to stay here and fight it because it's my right.

Our Labour MP (Democrat equivalent) is fully behind us.

I knew we should have cancelled.

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Melissa said...

Oh man I'm so, so, sorry.
I just can't believe all of this to tell you the truth.
This is ludicrous!!
It's really pretty numbing I'm sure.
So what now?
What's the next step?
This is solely because your hubby's sick right?
If he was well then would he be a citizen by now?
Man there's gotta be a way around this.
This is madness.

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