Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Martyn Payne

Tonight on Campbell Live, a 60 Minutes type program here in NZ, they ran a story on Martyn Payne, a resident of the UK, who came to NZ on a visitors visa, got a work permit and had been here for 15 years. He applied for residency based on Entrepreneurship and was declined because of health issues. He put hundreds of thousands, if not millions, back into the economy from his business. He was deported I think a week ago and is currently in Brisbane awaiting what INZ will do after the media attention he's received.

My heart sank when I listened to his story, no disrespect to him, but it sank for my own situation. The kind of feeling you get from taking two steps forward then being Kamehameha'd 10 feet back.

It sent me into a frenzy searching for appeals (they're publicized) via the Ministry of Justice website and it bought back some hope as I read through some. I found Martyn Payne's appeal online and did some comparing.

What we have on our side is the fact that I am a NZ Citizen and my family are here. He and his wife are both UK Citizens and have no family here.

We applied under the Family Partnership category for residency, he applied under the Entrepreneur category.

He is financially comfortable and the appeals tribunal listed that as a good enough reason to go back to the UK. They have money and property. They can easily sell up here to go back to the UK and start over. We can't.

Yes we have a house, but it's still going through the motions with the courts to officially be in our name. I can't sell it and move back. Then there's my US Residency drama.

I then looked up every appeal I could find that had been declined by the appeals gods to ease my mind. All appellants and sponsors of the declined appeals were not NZ Citizens. Most were from countries like Malaysia, Fiji or the Philippines and ALL were declined because of proof of not living in a genuine relationship. Some had 'site visits' by INZ, who actually visited to their place of residence to grill them.

As for Martyn Payne. He deserves residency.
Larry deserves residency, if for anything, because I'm a citizen and I have every right to remain in my country with who I want with me. No one should be able to tell me that I must leave.

I'm mere inches from going racial and ranting to whoever about how my people were here first. I am fortunate to have radical maori activist family members to support ... but they're kind of like the last option because ... my people once ate white people for breakfast and food prices right now are pretty horrific.

I have also been following all the NZ political movements and doings over the last 2 months and I can safely say they're complete imbeciles. Really don't know what planet they're on anymore.
Need a comet.

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