Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day.

Sometimes it's hard to maintain our optimism when you read over the news or see on TV about how immigration NZ has upped their anti and enforced rules and laws.

Reading today of a Malaysian man and his two children. The article was focused more towards his two children who have been excluded from attending school because they don't qualify as being here 'unlawfully' long enough. Now, if that isn't a rule pulled straight from someones ass for the fun of it, then I don't know what it is.

What sends shivers up my spine about the case is that the man is dying of cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer of the liver here in New Zealand upon renewing his visa and completing the medical (after being here since 2003), Immigration NZ consider him a burden on the NZ health system, like they do Larry. Reading the article, it doesn't seem that he was given the opportunity to appeal and INZ have advised him to voluntarily leave NZ or face deportation.

We have my citizenship on our side and the family focus we were advised to take in the appeal process and apart from the faith of friends and family, that's all we have. So we're getting mixed feelings again about the appeal after reading about the Malaysian man.

11 days ago I posted the appeal off, 9 of them business days. Track & Trace postage serial says the application was received 7 days ago. We have not got a letter of receipt yet but it's basically going to say, "Got it, keep waiting, talk soon".

I'm in love with my mail box as of late.

Finally, Happy Mothers Day to our Mothers! (Tomorrow for Larry's Mom).
When I thanked my mum for being the best mum for 32 25 years, she told me she may not have been the best mum, but she was the right mum. She also said that being a mother is not about having children, it's about sacrifice.
I'd be a great mother.

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