Friday, May 27, 2011

I love our Doctor.

Our GP is an amazing woman.
Larry's BP is high, back in the 200s. He shows no physical signs of being overloaded with fluid, but it seems this is the case since his weight is back at 116kgs where his goal weight it supposed to be 111kgs.


2x 2.5% dialysis bags over the next few days should do the trick as well as laying off the fluids and actually sticking to his allowed 1 liter (this is an ongoing battle with him as ice lessens the effects of anaemia and so he chews ice all day every day). Now I hide the ice trays so he can't make them. Simple as that.

Received an email tonight from our Doctor re: a blood transfusion. He needs one immediately. Immediate is on Wednesday and I don't know who has funded it, but it's been done. Our Doctor is also going to light a fire under the Tribunal to see if she can't get the appeal process expedited under humanitarian grounds.

Try praying with a sincere heart and pure intent.
Its works.

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