Monday, May 30, 2011

Nearly June.

Just over a year ago we were told Larry had less than 12 months left. I'm glad we bypassed that hurdle, but in a year we're still jumping hurdles every turn we take.
If only New Zealand would grant his residency, it would really be the end of our problems, but alas, we are still awaiting a decision.

Right now Larry's health is below 50%. He'll have a blood transfusion on Wednesday. This will be a huge help. We're about 25 days from running out of dialysis fluid and the skies are grey in that area. His creatanine is at 1100. Our Specialist will tolerate anything up to 1200 before haemo-dialysis is needed.

It's a race for time, money and a decision. It's always been a race and the reality is that we have no control over pace nor do we know where the finish line is.

Larry very rarely gets on his computer these days. Now and again I'll check his Skype, emails and a few forums he use to frequent, but his energy is so low that some days he doesn't have the gusto to sit up, but he is ok and getting everyone's messages. If I sat down and responded to them all, it would take all day. Thanks from him, thanks from me!

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