Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An Update.

We received some advice from a lawyer a few days ago, by way of the MP who is helping us out.

He basically said that Kidney Disease is a HUGE no no as far as INZ (Immigration NZ) is concerned and they've really toughened up on medical conditions in relation to residency visas. However, the fact that I'm a NZ Citizen is extremely helpful as the authorities have previously indicated that spouses of NZ Citizens should be permitted to remain in NZ in situations like this.

In essence, we are seeking an exception to INZ's policy based on humanitarian grounds so I've learned in my own reading (thanks Understanding Commercial Law - set text for Legal Studies this year) I am a NZ citizen, it would be contrary to my rights to force his removal as he is my spouse.

The appeal will go in next week, after the easter break.

In other news.
Hello Winter (it's come 2 weeks early).

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