Friday, April 29, 2011

Taco's, Ceviche & Pizookie.

I made these a while ago and need to revisit making them again.
I've never had any luck with making corn tortilla's and as delicious as these look, they all fell apart when picked up.

A mans bestfriend.

Pizookie is a dessert I was introduced to at the restaurant BJs in Burbank, CA. Essentially, it's a cookie cooked in a pizza dish, similar to the Skookie: a cookie baked in a skillet.

I miss being able to get cookie dough in a store in the USA. I've never seen cookie dough in NZ, does not mean there isn't any available, but making it yourself adds to the taste, psychologically.

The secret is to half cook it so the inside is gooey.
Top it with ice cream (Awesome Chocolate something brand).

Perfect dessert while channel surfing between, The Breakers game, The Highlanders game, The Royal Wedding and American Idol.

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