Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why I don't have kids.

Don't feed her that. Don't buy him that.
Don't give her that. Don't tell him that.
She's sick, put that on her. He's tired, leave him alone.
She's hungry just give it to her. He's asleep, be quiet.
Put it on her properly. Take it off of him before he ..
If you take her make sure you .. If you take him don't let him ...

Heard this for the last 17 years of my life. Apparently I won't make a good parent because I'm constantly reminded what I can and can't do when it's ok for the actual parents to slide.
Reason 1: I don't know what I'm doing, because if I did I wouldn't be reminded of how to do it.

I hate you Mum.
I wish I was never born.
I don't care if I break your heart.
Get out of my room.
I wish Dad never married you.
I hate your cooking.
Park around the corner.
Don't pick me up from school.
You always say no!
I HATE you Mum.

I sure as hell don't want to hear that for 18 years of my life.
Reason 2: Not set up for heartbreak by way of offspring.

PCOS and everything that comes with it.
Not a pretty picture.
Reason 3: My ovaries were installed backwards.

In all honesty. I think I'd make a fantastic parent because I've had alot of examples of how not to be. It's hilarious how God sends kids to all the wrong people, but there's gotta be a valid reason behind the pitter patter absence in our house and I'm content with that.

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