Thursday, February 3, 2011

What we know.

We know that the cataracts were paid for this morning.
We know that Immigration has not made a decision yet.
We know that we're safe for dialysis payments until May.
We know that after that we'll be back at square one health wise.

It's funny, not really, to think that immigration could be the reason a marriage ends.

This blog is about Larry and his health. What I've failed to mention in the past is that my pre-existing health condition is not favored by medical panelists who assess residency papers. I was warned of it at the time of my application lodgment. Went without health insurance because it sent the monthly payments sky high.

I can't reiterate it enough for everyone to understand, but I'm near begging for this to work out for us because we're sitting at the edge of the cliff not waiting to be pushed anymore, but volunteering ourselves to jump.

We know this, we need a miracle.

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