Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Mexican Food

This may look like a bag of crap, very much so .. but it's mexican chorizo.
Fortunately, NZ has available MOST of the ingredients needed to make your own chorizo.

New World (supermarket) sell Spanish chorizo but it tastes like what the above looks like.

Mine is pretty close to the chorizo we'd buy from The Vallarta in California.

You must marinate it overnight for it to get that kick chorizo is popular for.
It breaks nicely just as chorizo should.

Add eggs and/or Tofu then cheese and you have yourself ..

A breakfast burrito in New Zealand.

You can buy this crap in the store.
Taste's like what I imagine creamed cardboard would taste like.

Any self respecting lover of refried beans needs to make it themselves and steer clear of the canned stuff down isle 4 in Pak n Save. It takes some time to make refried beans. I began these yesterday.

Looks like vomit, tastes fantastical.
Pinto beans aren't available in common supermarkets in New Zealand. Wholefood stores carry pinto beans in bulk.
In Hawkes Bay specific.
Cornucopia, Bin Inn, Chantals, Moshims and Asian & Indian Superettes.

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