Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The run around.

Cataract surgery. It should have been done by now had the hospital not got a stick up it's butt about payment. We've always paid in advance because they've been anal about us paying before consultations/appointments. We've done so.

It's been 3 weeks since the last eye consultation. At that same appointment we gave them the go ahead for cataract surgery on his right eye. We were told this would be a smooth process.

I have taken the holidays into consideration as a reason why we haven't heard anything back, but we got a letter that was pretty informal, not in invoice format, telling us that we need to pay up first. The letter didn't come from the accounts office at all. I've called accounts daily and was told the office would be open tomorrow. That was everyday since Dec 27.

A human answered this morning.
"You need to talk to Tracey" ,"You need to talk to Ebony", "You need to talk to Karen", "You need to talk to Helen". After being routed 4 times I finally needed to talk to Vicki.

Vicki is out of the office till the 10th, please leave a message.

We just need the invoice posted.

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