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I've been thinking about sharing this information all week. I worded and reworded how I would say it in my mind, but nothing sounded right.

Since Larry does not qualify for dialysis through the public health system here in New Zealand, we've had to look into private dialysis and apparently there is only one private clinic in New Zealand. I've mentioned before that it is 56k a year, which is not do-able for us and so we sought the help from our church.

56k a year. Around $4800 a month and you must pay the month in advance. I had it all worked out. Residency should only take 3 months for a decision and dialysis is needed ASAP. This is where the church help would come in, just until we hear something from the residency more or less. It could be one month it could be six.

We had to write up a pretty detailed financial report for our church. It was uncomfortably detailed and a few times I stopped and asked myself if we were doing the right thing by asking the church for funding. Once the report was submitted to the powers-that-be the 20 questions began, and I was ok with answering them.

Everything is still in process as far as that is concerned, but last night was the first time I heard Larry say that he wants to pull the request because he's just tired.

Two weeks ago our Doctor told us that he will not see Christmas without dialysis. With his creatinine levels still creeping up, she told us last week he will not see three months. A decision from the immigration is going to take at least 3 months.

I don't want to say that he's giving up, maybe he was in a funk yesterday - I don't know, but the fact that his life is in the hands of a democracy is reason enough to want to give up and that I understand.

Why live your life, which in his case is limited, scared that you could spend the end of it without your loved one all because of a government? Why live your life with crossed fingers that you'll get a decision today? Prolonging an immigration decision when they know he's on borrowed time without dialysis is equivalent to giving him a coffin.

God defend New Zealand?
God give New Zealand a clue.
I didn't understand anarchy before.


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