Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We appreciate the comments, concerns and suggestions. Larry has asked me to clarify, because if you have not read and kept up with the entire blog you may be a bit out of the loop. I suggest you read the whole blog, it’s the only way to fully understanding our situation.

At this point in time, I cannot return to the United States because I have an abandoned green card. Should I go back, I will be given two options at the border. 1. Be deported or 2. Surrender my green card and be housed at an Immigration facility until my application processes.

Larry and I cannot be apart. He is dependent on me for mobility.

Larry does not have Residency in New Zealand at the moment. His status this way does not qualify him for free public health care. We are awaiting a residency decision.

There are three bridges to cross with the residency before deportation.

1.They can give him residency despite his illness and missing paperwork.

2.If the above is declined, a medical waiver can be issued and he can possibly get residency this way or

3.If all else fails, we appeal it through the courts on a hardship.

We have not passed 1 yet, this is what we are waiting for.

Medical expenses cost money and it’s money we just don’t have. The donation button up got us enough money to pay for the first two eye surgeries. Very grateful for that. We didn’t anticipate the follow up appointments being so expensive or the emergency surgery he required. He still needs 3 or 4 more surgeries after this one. We have absolutely no way of paying for this.

We were grateful that our church offered to help for the dialysis treatment, unbelievably grateful, but it was done so reluctantly and done under certain conditions that I have mentioned before. The condition being that we return to the USA after 2 months of paid treatment. Well aware that I can’t return, they instilled this condition and had us agree upon it.

What it was that set Larry off a couple of days ago to refuse treatment was a bill we received from the hospital for the emergency eye surgery. A bill for $2200+. I called the hospital immediately and asked to speak to the accounts people in charge. I told them what our eye surgeon had said about being over charged, asked them for an itemized invoice and let them know that I wasn’t going to pay the bill until I got to the bottom of this. Doctors and Nurses have told us that there is corruption in the health board in Hawkes Bay. It’s a common thing through-out New Zealand. The hospital called back and said the bill was right, I needed to pay.

We got ripped off and as long as we keep paying we’ll continue to be ripped off.

I don’t work because I can’t work. Larry is dependent on me. Where he goes, I go. Where I go, he goes. It has to be like that because he is dependant.

I want him to continue with his eye treatments. I’m not going to fight him on the kidney treatments because I understand where he is coming from, but I do want him to get his eyes done. He needs to get back to doing what he loves to do best.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A change.

It's been a long sleepless night.

10pm last night Larry came to a decision that he was not going through with the surgery that was set for today. He's not going through the motions to be dialyzed here and he did not want to be treated anymore.

At 4am, I surrendered and emailed our Doctors and Bishop to advise of the decision.

We've paid close to $10,000 in medical expenses just in the last 2 months. $15,000 in the last 6 months and our church recently fitted the $16,000+ bill for the dialysis. All this has been money we did not have initially. It has all been from donated money, money from selling everything we owned and money from family.

When you add the stress of Immigration, lack of work, being partially blind, medical bills and expenses, his health in general and Kurv Studio's owing money, you can understand why someone would "give up".

He is utterly exhausted. He is fed up with being ripped off. He is tired of putting out one fire just to turn and see another one blazing. He is over being a burden and all of these things are understandable and valid.

We don't have the money to pay for more eye surgery. We don't have the money to pay for hospital stays ($600 a night). If complications were to arise from the surgery today, we don't have the money for A&E visits, for treatments needed related to the surgery and for more prescriptions.

He is not giving up. This is him embracing what's ahead and leaving it up to God to decide. We've been told that these trials and tribulations are to test our faith and this is him doing it.

I don't understand his decision completely, but ultimately it is his decision.

Dialysis funding was conditional.
Our church paid for dialysis for 2 months to get him fit enough to travel back to the United States where he could receive it for free, apparently. My US immigration is going to take longer than 2 months to process and the bottom line is that we refuse to be apart.

He does not have the energy to battle through US Immigration again. We can only await a decision from the NZ Immigration and hope it's in our favour. If it isn't, we'll be using what money we have left to file for an appeal and hire a lawyer.

Just when you think you're a strong person, something unforeseen comes along and melts you back down to molt.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hospital bills

My mother arrived in Auckland today bringing with her our mail. Amoung the mail was a nice bill for the emergency surgery done on the 16th of September. I called the hospital in an attempt to get what was supposedly owing to us from the first surgery. We were told that we were over charged by $1500. They supposedly charged for a private cataract when he had a vitrectomy.

I found out today this was not the case. When I tried to credit the $1500 over to the new bill, they told me everything was itemized correctly and we were actually under charged.

I can't put a price on keeping my husband alive, but holy crap.

Surgery tomorrow.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breathe baby breathe.

I'm a bit nervous because it seems his eye's going down the relapse path again and any pain he feels in his eye that he tells me about makes me cringe because we're so far away from our eye surgeon. I didn't want to do the eyes first. I wanted to take care of the kidneys because I knew we'd run into problems with his eyes, and we have.

Sleep, since we've been in Auckland, has been in a lower degree. If he can't sleep he won't let me sleep either. So I have half asleep conversations with him and a few nights ago he talked for one hour about radiation and Chernobyl. That should have put me to sleep, but I don't want to waste a minute sleeping if he's awake. Y'know?

The report says that he has severe lethargy, so he sleeps alot and I let him because he's constantly uncomfortable.

He's exhausted.
He's in pain.
He's unhappy.
He's ready.

I'm not.

How to help.

Thanks to the suggestions and help from you good folk, see the new 'How to help' section to the right.

Refer to this post.

Please know it's completely optional, but you will get a high res image with a verse on it. These verses have been very helpful to us during our hideous journey.

Renal Specialist Report

End stage renal failure (ESRF) - cause unknown
• Renal biopsy revealed marked glomerulosclerosis, 10/10 glomeruli almost completely sclerosed
• No diabetic changes identified but severely scarred kidney (possibly end stage diabetic
nephropathy/electron microscopy results unknown (biopsy 31 May 210)
• Symptomatic end stage renal failure with lethargy and anaemia
Diabetes mellitus
• Poor control now with good HbA1c of 6.6%, 49mmol/mol
Hypercholesterolaemia total cholesterol 6.7mmol/L
Height 1.81m, weight 117kg, BMI 35.7kg/m2; waist 130cm.
Severe diabetic retinopathy
• Functionally blind in left eye; and shapes only seen through right eye
Bilateral cataracts
Asthma as a child
Pneumonia (about 2005 in the US)
Peripheral vascular disease with weak pulses in the lower limbs

Larry has end stage renal failure and needs to start dialysis now. I will attempt to get a Tenckhoff catheter in next week. He may not last without haemodialysis until a month’s time when we can start to train him in PD but we will assess this next week following his surgery and his results. I have given him a laboratory form today for monthly blood tests when he returns to Hastings.

Pale and needing help with his escort and mobility. Height 1.81m, weight 117kg, BMI 35.7kg/m2, waist 130cm. Blood pressure 134/70mmHg sitting right arm. Pulse 76bpm regular. He has no pulses in his lower limbs except the left popliteal. His femoral are equal and normal. Dual heart sounds and no murmurs.
Clear chest. JVP +3cm. He has mild leg oedema.

Friday, September 24, 2010


The Tenchkoff surgery was to happen depending on yesterdays blood results. The Renal Specialist said he'd email us yesterday afternoon, last night at the latest. I was checking my emails every hour on the hour. No emails. No emails this morning. No emails at lunch time, by 1pm I thought the worst.

I missed a phone call from the renal specialist. He called twice and finally sent a text message to say call him ASAP. Not awesome.

Creatinine - 790 (down 20 since Tuesdays bloods)
Potassium - 5.4 (up since Tuesday, but still safe)
Hemoglobin - 70 (apparently good)

These results are good enough for surgery without the hemodialysis and a blood transfusion. We had to pick up paperwork near down town Auckland before 3pm.

It's all a go.
Someone's definately listening!
This was a good day.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Renal Consultation

The renal specialist had me in giggles the whole time we were there. He gave us the brief on what happens next pending todays bloods are good.

Height 1.81m
Weight 117kgs
Waist 130cm

Swabbed for MRSA, a precursor to surgery.

We won't know much of much until tomorrow when the specialist gets the blood results, but we do know it's going to be an intense next couple of weeks. He said he had a few things up his sleeve re: Immigration and that alone made the $500 visit worth it.

Keeping it together in the meantime.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blood results

Results from yesterdays bloods.
Creatinine 812 - down.
Potassium 5 - down.
Good news.

8am appointment with the Renal Specialist tomorrow.

In Auckland

The weather channel told us there may be snow on the mountains tomorrow and the roads may be closed for some of the morning. I packed the car and we left The Bay at 7.30pm. Arrived in Auckland at 12.30am. Bless his heart Larry stayed awake and yapped the whole way. From Glen Beck to nuclear weapons to the US Constitution and laser weapons in orbit.


Coming a day earlier will give him the rest he needs because it's all on come Thursday.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our Doctor advised to postpone the eye appointments for two weeks and head to Auckland to start the Dialysis treatment. We will drive to Auckland tomorrow morning for Thursdays appointment. There's a chance he will require a blood transfusion and haemo dialysis just to get him in shape for the tenchkoff surgery. This is where the hidden costs come in, I mentioned it in this post.

To everyone else, thank you for the donations, the video purchases and the emails of support and comfort. I read every email and instant message to Larry and they always put a smile on his face when he's feeling at his lowest.

I'll be giving thanks to LightWave3D this Thanksgiving.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blood Results.

Creatinine is down - good.
Potassium is up - bad.

Added medication to his perscription cocktail:
Resonium A
Apo Timop

Appointment clashes this week. We're required to be here and out of town. A follow up eye appointment on Wednesday in town and a Renal consultation in Auckland on Thursday then surgery in Auckland the following Tuesday and more laser surgery on his eye on Wednesday back here. Not quite sure how all of this is going to work out. It probably won't. Both eyes and kidneys are very important, but the kidneys are more important than the eyes .. but without the eyes working there will be no income to fix the kidneys.

Sometimes, just sometimes .. life puts you in a bitch of a situation just to see the route you take to get out of it.

Asking for luck would be a below average request.

Cyber suicide.

My parents have helped us out alot in the last year, more than enough. We only see them once a week for 2 days. They're dorm parents at a boarding school and they live on campus 5 days a week. So when my mother visited this morning I detailed her on the eventful week we've had and gave her an update on the royalties situation. She's known about it and has been insisting we go public because 11k is alot of money to lose, especially when we could use it right now.

When I told her the cat was out of the bag, her comment was that he pretty much slit his own throat.

Slitting his own throat was his choice.
Larry doesn't have a choice.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Imagine it.

Imagine not hearing him call out to you in the middle of the night for help.
Imagine not being woken to noises of pain.
Imagine not seeing him hug the walls just to make it down the hallway.
Imagine not seeing him sitting inches away from the TV because he can't see.
Imagine not hearing him tell you I love you.
Imagine not seeing him walking in circles reaching out to find you.
Imagine not leading him through the grocery store.
Imagine not staying awake all night just to make sure he's still breathing.
Imagine not hearing him struggle to breathe at night.
Imagine not hearing his pleas to God in prayer for relief.
Imagine not being scared that today is the day it all goes away.
Imagine not hearing him tell you "that meal was interesting, I'll fore go seconds".
Imagine not seeing him next to you when you drive somewhere.
Imagine not comforting him.
Imagine not having to keep it together for him.
Imagine not hearing him talking loudly at 3am on Skype.
Imagine not hearing him laugh.
Imagine not hearing him sing two notes off key.
Imagine not waking up to him in the mornings.
Imagine not receiving emails from him saying "I love you again today" even though he's in the same room.
Imagine not seeing him smile.
Imagine not having dinner together.
Imagine not hearing him cry anymore from pain and exhaustion.
Imagine not hearing him snore louder than a fork in a blender.
Imagine not hearing him apologize for being sick and taking up my time.

Imagine him not there anymore.
I don't need to do that to know that I appreciate him.

The cons outweigh the pros, but I'll run in a heartbeat to his every beck and call if it means another moment in time with him.


Larry spent the night in hospital, and I cannot wait for that bill, but he is much better than he was yesterday. Ocular hypertension means the pressure in your eye is higher than normal. Yesterday Larry's was three times higher than normal. It was elevated by inadequate draining in his eye post-surgery. He was prescribed 4 different eye drop treatments that will lower his intraocular pressure. Do you know what it looked like to me? On District 9 when the main dude begins to turn alien and his eye is all wiggy-like, that's what it looked like. Attractive.

New Recormon prescription today, 6000mls - now twice a week. That's $200 a week. I only cringe because earlier today we lost $500+. Let me tell you about that.

You may have noticed the donation button has disappeared. Due to a third party snitch, paypal has closed our paypal account. Said snitch did their homework though and must have eagerly searched through the paypal policies on receiving donations and found something that would 'stick-it-to-us'. Tu'che! On top of that, my gmail password was attempted to be reset this morning. I can only suspect but, for the life of me, what a kurv ball.

Instead of donations, Larry's videos at Liberty3D are available for purchase. These are available for digital download and the customer service there at Liberty3D are good people, no hassles, quick service and no excuses. I sincerely thank the Liberty3D guys, all of them, for over fatiguing themselves and supporting us whole hearted. To the Lightwave community in general, for the support and donations made over the last 6 weeks, we are so grateful.

Finally, Dialysis is a go. He will have the Tenchkoff Catheter surgery in the next week.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Tale of the Lost Royalties

At 5am this morning Larry, who has been sleeping in the lounge on a chair because he needs to sleep sitting up, crawled into my bed crying because he was in excruciating pain. Wishing there was more I could do for him, all I could do was hug him because telling him everything's going to be ok would be dishonest.

I implore the Lightwave community to refrain from purchasing videos from anywhere that isn't or, clearance sale or not.

He has been admitted to hospital for emergency surgery on his eye. Dialysis treatment will now depend on his overall health.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Medication


Ferro-Tab - Iron Supplement.
B12 Complex

Hopefully both will help his hemoglobin because Recormon shots stopped this week due to the price.

He slept for 12 hours straight on Sunday, but I don't know if that's because of his health or because he was up all night skyping with some of you good people. Do send him to bed if it's 4am here and he tries to call!

Bloods on Thursday.

Immigration update

We received a letter yesterday from New Zealand immigration. We've been through about 4 different case workers in a month, but it seems we have a set one now. The letter detailed on more documentation that was needed and gave us a heads up that the medical application has been through the first set of medical assessors and the outcome wasn't good. Because of his condition he'll be a strain on the system here in New Zealand. Ok, we knew that.

By the 8th of October he will require all documentation needed and then make a decision based on what he has. He did mention a medical waiver and that would come when the second set of medical assessors assess his medical application. It doesn't look promising, but we have to hold on to what little hope we have now .. which I liken to holding on to someone hanging over a cliff, about to fall, by the pinky finger.

Sometimes it's normal to just be human and I hope that, which is what we've been praying for, will overcome our case worker, that our story may soften his heart and the fact that we only want to be together hopefully will be worth something to him.

Deny him medical benefits in NZ if you must, just let us be together.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Not a good day.
His health is very low today.
The sooner we get the dialysis ball rolling, the better.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Keeping it together

Woke up to an email from the NZ Immigration today telling me they required even more documents for his applications. He now has two pending applications in. One for residency and one for an extension on his current work permit. If it weren't for the case workers email today I would never have known that his passport has been sitting in in mail center HQ for the last two weeks with ten years of correspondence from family and friends used to prove a bonafide marriage. I don't know why it was sitting there for that long, but it cost us two weeks because his passport was required to extend his work visa and the application was held up because of it.

In 12 days he'll be an illegal alien. I spent all day photocopying documents and getting statutory declarations and notarized stamps for what they require. I don't know why they can't liaison with each other there at the immigration offices because they'll see that the documentation they require is already there and as much as I've wanted to tell them this during our all day phone calls and emails, you don't bite the hand that feeds you etc etc.

The only thing that is guaranteed right now is that the sun will rise tomorrow.

It's been a stressful week, but we have to remind ourselves that even though it feels like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, we have the support of good people, family and friends, who have helped and continue to help and that's what makes enduring it worth it.

It's been one year already.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


His eyes are doing well. He will require more laser work on the right eye.

But the fantastic news is that the hospital overcharged us for the surgery last week by around $1500. They charged for a private cataract surgery when in fact it was a vitrectomy surgery.

God Bless the receptionist who is at the desk when I march in tomorrow morning.

What do we want?

Just each other.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A free day.

We are currently at a road block.
We have no appointments today, so we will stay home all day not thinking about the road block.
Because sometimes it's nice to forget about everything for a day and just sleep.

"I am willing to mourn with those that mourn
Comfort those who stand in need of comfort
Bear anothers burden that they may be light"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another question answered.

Why not move back to the USA for treatment?

We've had this question alot and we have taken it into consideration, but you need to read the whole story to fully understand why it's not an option right now. The biggest thing is that in this time, being apart as a husband and wife is not an option. I don't expect his family to tend to him in my absence because they have families of their own to care for and as a non-immigrant who is guaranteed deportation on arrival, I don't know how long it could be living apart while I re-apply.

Put yourself in a situation where you're told dialysis may or may not help, where you've been given a few months to survive this and dialysis may or may not help because of the level of your degraded kidneys. Then ask yourself who you want to be with while you are going through this.

It's all we're asking for really, to just simply be together.

We can't just uproot and move in with his elderly parents especially if only one of us can go back.

That's why the USA isn't in the cards at the moment. We need to exhaust all our efforts to keep him here before we frustrate ourselves and throw another country into the mix.

I smell a rat.

A phone call from the private dialysis clinic doctor has me suspicious.

You wave enough money under the nose of these people and suddenly the price changes or his health drops a couple of notches.

We went to our church for XX amount for the total costs. The dialysis clinic have been told that it's all a go, but it seems things are going to change, specifically the costs.

Factor in the $4800 per month it's supposed to cost.
The $10k that needs to be paid before hand for the surgery and the month advance for fluids.
The gas it will cost to drive to and from Auckland when needed.
The cost of living - I don't know.
The cost of gas to and from the hospital.

He talked about overnight stays in the clinic/hospital there that he didn't say whether or not was included in the 56k. He's supposed to email us today sometime with a plan layout, if the price has changed we're declining and waiting for a Residency decision.

Again, two steps forward, three steps back.

An update.

Good news. The Dialysis process will begin as early as next week.
Our church, who we are extremely thankful for, will fund the treatment until Immigration comes back with a decision. He will have the minor surgery for the catheter to be installed, after which 3 weeks are needed for the surgery to heal and the dialysis treatment will begin. Our Doctor literally jumped up and down with excitement when we told her this morning.

We will relocate to Auckland for 3 weeks for the education required regarding the treatment.

Bloods and Recormon shot today. Our Doctor was surprised at how 'pink' he looks compared to every other visit, she was very happy with his obs today. Blood pressure sitting at 120/60 - best ever. Blood results should be in this afternoon. Weight is 120kg, up 5kgs.

Eye appointment, follow up, on Thursday. There is a cyst looking lump in his eye that our Doctor had never seen before, but is apparently normal after such a surgery. The good thing is, he can see much better and he feels much better.

In other news, we were hit with a 5.4 earthquake this morning.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I've been thinking about sharing this information all week. I worded and reworded how I would say it in my mind, but nothing sounded right.

Since Larry does not qualify for dialysis through the public health system here in New Zealand, we've had to look into private dialysis and apparently there is only one private clinic in New Zealand. I've mentioned before that it is 56k a year, which is not do-able for us and so we sought the help from our church.

56k a year. Around $4800 a month and you must pay the month in advance. I had it all worked out. Residency should only take 3 months for a decision and dialysis is needed ASAP. This is where the church help would come in, just until we hear something from the residency more or less. It could be one month it could be six.

We had to write up a pretty detailed financial report for our church. It was uncomfortably detailed and a few times I stopped and asked myself if we were doing the right thing by asking the church for funding. Once the report was submitted to the powers-that-be the 20 questions began, and I was ok with answering them.

Everything is still in process as far as that is concerned, but last night was the first time I heard Larry say that he wants to pull the request because he's just tired.

Two weeks ago our Doctor told us that he will not see Christmas without dialysis. With his creatinine levels still creeping up, she told us last week he will not see three months. A decision from the immigration is going to take at least 3 months.

I don't want to say that he's giving up, maybe he was in a funk yesterday - I don't know, but the fact that his life is in the hands of a democracy is reason enough to want to give up and that I understand.

Why live your life, which in his case is limited, scared that you could spend the end of it without your loved one all because of a government? Why live your life with crossed fingers that you'll get a decision today? Prolonging an immigration decision when they know he's on borrowed time without dialysis is equivalent to giving him a coffin.

God defend New Zealand?
God give New Zealand a clue.
I didn't understand anarchy before.


Us in blue, quake in red.
A 1.5 hour flight gaps the difference.
All is well in Hawkes Bay.
Hawkes Bay was hit in 1931 by a 7.8'er.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Hospital.

You read a few days of my concern with the hospital for not calling me when Larry got out of surgery. They knew that they needed to call me as soon as he was in recovery so I could head in and wait for him to move up into the ward.

No one called.

No one called to tell me that it took them an hour to get him breathing on his own, that they had the revive set up ready to use and that doctors canceled later appointments because they were working on him. The failing kidneys weren't filtering out the anaesthesia. I shouldn't have to google why this happened, someone should have told me.

This is information a wife needs to know, right?

Public health system imbecility, at it's best.

Medicare & Medicaid

I've spent the time reading through handbooks, researching different states and looking at our options. The results? We're still better off here. The biggest reason is because we'll be together. If he goes back to the USA, it will be without me for a period of time until I sort out my US Immigration.

During our time in California, he paid CA Taxes and medicaid to that state. He can only use it if we go back to California, according to the CA Medicaid handbook. California is not an option, New Mexico is where he/we will head if needed.

The NM site says that you need to be a current resident of the state and you must have lived there for 2 years prior (consecutive) to qualify for Medicare.

For now, we are still better off here simply because we will be together.

I did find out why he is now exempt from paying for prescriptions. Apparently when you have had over 20 purchases, you are are exempt for the rest of the year.

Thanks to all those who have given character references for Larry! These documents will go in next week with the application to extend his current work visa/permit.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Surgery Prep. Very nervous guy.

After Recovery.
Location: Cloud Nine.
When I asked him what day it was he said Mothers Day.

Day after.
Mucho swelling, but he says the pain is not near as bad as last weeks after laser surgery.

I had to post this image, it was in the same set of images with the eye photos.
It's my sister.
Picking watercress.
From a ditch.
A ditch, as in on-the-side-of-the-road-catching-rain-water ditch.

We went to pick up his prescription medication this afternoon, which was his three months worth of medication. I had my debit card out and ready waiting for the bill, but it didn't come. Instead the pharmacist informed us that there was nothing to pay because he is now exempt. As much as I wanted to ask questions, I didn't. I've learned from several medical personnel over the last few days that there is a don't ask don't tell policy they all tend to secretly cling to.

I don't know .. but I will run with it.
Unfortunately Recormon passes through NZ's FDA equivalent each time it's ordered and we've been using a different pharmacy for the Recormon prescription because our regular pharmacist is in the dark on a few things.


Vitrectomy is a surgery to remove some or all of the vitreous humor from the eye. Apart from having diabetes in the past and hypertension to boost it, the biggest indication was something called Vitreous hemmorrhage, bleeding in the eye.

There are several surgical steps involved as apart of the surgery. With Larry they gave him a membranectomy, which is removing unhealthy tissue (scar tissue in his case)from the retina. Scarring causes the eye to pull away from the retina. Too much scarring will cause complete detachment.

They also gave him a silicone oil injection where they fill the eye with liquid silicone/oil to hold the retina in place. Photo coagulation is the laser treatment he required to seal off holes in the retina and seal up the blood vessels that have been leaking.

In two months, he'll have another surgery to remove the oil and cataract. As far as finances are concerned, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

He's out of hospital and doing well, what more could I ask for.
(photos to come)

Vitrectomy. Not to be mistaken for a Vasectomy.

...because they sound the same.

What is it with the hospital not calling me or telling me anything. I came in this morning and he's not here. His bed has been made and when you see an empty made bed in the movies you know its shortly going to be followed by a silent breeze through the window making the chiffon curtain move which means the patient is probably now a resident of the morgue.

If it wasn't for Mr Cylon across the way, I wouldn't know that he's been taken somewhere to get a procedure done. That's more than what the nurse told me, which was that he'll be back soon.

When my aunty was in hospital they gave me all the information I needed to know. They'd even call to ask me if I wanted to have dinner with her in her room and when it will be served. I received calls every morning detailing me on what the program was for her that day.

Is it because he's a non-resident? I can only suspect.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post Surgery

The hospital didn't call me, at all. So I drove here to avoid another cat and mouse over the phone. He was already up in the ward. All went well. That's the main thing. His obs are good, he feels every pain and he has codeine rushing through his veins right now.

There's an older gentleman across the way who talks like Stephen Hawking. Larry asked the nurse if he was a Cylon. Even high people can still retain the geek in them.

I don't know how long he's been up here for, he doesn't know either, but it would have been nice to ring the wife when he was in recovery just to let her know all went well, especially after the talk about bad kidneys, general aneastetic and resuss waivers on Monday.

Surgery Day

It's 4.30pm and he's been in surgery for 3 hours, it was supposed to take 2. Recovery is supposed to take another 3 hours. Visiting hours close at 8pm, that's in just over 3 hours and the hospital are anal about getting visitors out on time.

I may not see him until tomorrow morning because the last thing I need to do is go world war three on the hospital because they won't let me in.

He just wanted someone there to wake up to instead of a stranger.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...