Friday, August 10, 2018

Always a missionary

I never thought myself a missionary. Maybe one time at high school I thought about going on a mission when I came of age, but nope ... it isn't mandatory in the church and so I let that idea go at high school. It wasn't until I was older that I realised that you don't have to go on a mission to be a missionary. Even then, it was something I didn't put any effort into. I didn't openly share points about the gospel until someone asked and even then, it was only ever answers to questions people had out of pure curiousty.

Do you guys wear special underwear.
Do you guys drink coke.
Will you be OK when your husband takes another wife.

The head chef, the one I mentioned yesterday, has asked questions through-out the year. They've become more and more family centered and just the other day she told me that one of her grand-daughters got baptised into the church last month and she's noticed a huge difference in her. While we were sitting around in the kitchen this morning a few other co-workers asked about Church College, which led to the Temple and ultimately, Mormonism.

Larry told me a story about how his grandfather had inquired about the church. He asked his grandfather what his most prized possesion was on Earth, to which he responded, his family. This was a precusor to one of his most valued memories he'd had of his grandfather. He responded with the purpose of temple and the work done in temples.

It was the perfect story to tell the widow, still grieving her husband, who lives in hope there is something more out there than just death. I asked her today if she wanted me to do her husbands temple work. With much emotion in her voice, she happily agreed. So this afternoon we sat together in the school kitchen and found as much ancestors as we possibly could to link on Go back a few generations in her family and their work has all been done.

I got approval from the powers that be to do their work and since our temple has closed for three years, I've shared their pending work with the temple system.

She's a great lady. She's probably the reason I love my job, because she is there every day smiling back at me when I walk through the doors to come on shift. I invited her to Hubba's baptism next month and she is very excited to come.

“No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble, calumny may defame, but the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent, till it has penetrated every continent, visited every clime, swept every country, and sounded in every ear; till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done.”

Thursday, August 9, 2018

An appreciation post.

The head chef at work lost her husband a few years before I lost Larry. We click because we have that one thing in common. I understand how she feels to be without a husband and she understands how I feel.

Women are always complaining about their husbands, not just at work. It's everywhere. At home, in friends circles and even at church. A few times I've been stuck sitting in the foyer listening to women at church moan about their husbands and what he did this week that wasn't up to par by her standards. It's within my family. I've seen it all my life and continue to see it. I hear about so-far-from-perfect husbands from friends and when husbands are mentioned in bad taste at work, I cringe.

Until you're without a husband, not by choice, shut the hell up about the man you chose to spend your life with. I don't want to hear about how you don't want to iron his shirts. I don't want to hear about how you hate doing his laundry. I don't want to hear about how he irritates you at home. I don't want to hear about how you feel unappreciated because he doesn't look at you the same way he use to. I don't want to hear about how he doesn't like to hold your hand in public.

Your miserable is far from my reality. I would do anything to have my husband in a room so that I can be miserable at him for a minute. I would give anything to do his laundry.

Never underestimate his feelings. They're as substantial as yours outside of his manly exterior. Appreciate him now and for the rest of your lives together because one day he is going to be gone and you will be met with true misery.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

End of July, into August.

Tomorrow will be week 3 of term 3 for the school year. 7 more weeks to go and we're out for the school holidays again. Term four is even shorter because it's exam season and the last season of the school year before we welcome fruit season back into our lives ... and Santa.

Do you know what I miss most about American Christmases?
Swiss Colony.
There is nothing like it in New Zealand.

Facetiming with Tyler as she has a bathroom moment.

Painted this for my wall. Once I had finished it I regretted using color. It's a place holder until I have photos to fill a giganto frame.

Upholstered old furniture this week.

Super Rugby final at Nan's lastnight.
Crusaders took the title this year.

These two are currently 16 months.

He stayed the night.
I got no sleep.
Early night tonight.

I have a sick child.
She's acting like she's dying because I just sent her to bed so she can get up early for school tomorrow.
Of course I won't send her to school if she's sick .. but if she's 10% better, she's going.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Te Whanau.

I wrote a few months ago about my family. I said things that came from a place that might've been a cesspool of emotions, but life is not well lived if you have regrets and where I don't regret what I said or how I felt at the time, it was probably dumb.

I think I just found friendship and family in my co-workers who, on the daily, compliment and appreciate me and that's something that I thought, at the time, was very absent in my family circle. It wasn't until this week, as I sat in the kitchen at work with my co-workers, that I went through my family tree to see how am I genetically connected to them and realized .. I'm working with my family.

My mother works there.
Shaily works there.
Livian works there.
A very close blood related cousin works there.
Her husband works there.
Their son works there.
Four Aunties work there.

That's 10 people.
10 family members.

I'm working with my family and my post claimed to dislike them
Just admitting to my crazy these last few months.

In other news .. the carpet has been pulled from our chapel rendering the building closed for worship temporarily.
You know what that means.
Apply General Conference weekend rules.

Monday, July 23, 2018

This afternoon.

Took the day off.
Picked the boy up.
Waited for Hubs.
Had a good afternoon.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Into Term 3

The two week holidays weren't a holiday. Livian and Shaily did nearly 100 hours at work between them and I did 75, which is 5 off my normal bi-weekly. It wasn't a holiday afterall.

Sisters kids came down for the second week. That week was also spent at work, where they all learned to appreciate the college campus. On Tuesday night their Nan treated them to the movies. I went along because I do like the Jurassic Park/World movies. Before the movie even began, Hubs was having breathing problems. I thought she had choked on some popcorn a few minutes earlier because I had told her off for eating it before we were even in the movie theater. Turned out she was having an asthma attack. Her lips went blue and everything and it was a long 1km trip to the ER. She was very scared and I did my best not to panic and say swear words at the slow cars. They took her immediately and ventilated her for 30 minutes before she turned her normal color.

Diagnosis was asthma onset by allergies. It's happened before and was worse last time for an allergic reaction, but worse this time respiratory wise.

So back to work tomorrow. I tried to take the day off because I haven't seen my Stiddy boy all week and wanted him tomorrow, but I have to go to work because the boss lady said so.

It's OK though .. I love that place.
Gotta stop eating their food though .. if I'm to look like Beyonce by summer, I need to befriend salad again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Into July.

July 1st came and went and we're currently on day 2 of the second term holidays. I pretty much have work every day if I want to, and I want to. Tomorrow I'm going to help my brother make a partition wall in one of the dorms to separate a gym area from a senior common room. I've been thinking about the wall all day. I wish I had measured it yesterday when we were there, but I didn't and now it's driving me crazy because I have all the ideas minus the measurements.

I've said it before, but I really do love my work place. I hate to make it a race thing, but working with people I identify with, culturally, makes it all worth while. For my insignificant duty, I have a voice there and I appreciate that. I've always appreciated and loved being home, but if I can be anywhere else that isn't home .. it would definitely be at work.

Hub's will be 8 in September. She reminds me every day that there are only two months left before she turns 8. We're having a birthday bash for her this year because she'll be dunked in H20, LDS-Style. It's something she has chosen to do and she is very much so looking forward to it. Despite the fact that she constantly crawls into my bed at night, wants cuddles all the time when we're watching TV and appreciates Mum smoochies, she is growing up.

She asked me last night what happens to her when I die. I told her that hopefully she'll have a husband when I die, but it definitely gave me something to think about. I don't think I will feel the same way my Aunties did when I left the nest. I can't wait for her to grow up and be her own person without my input. I can only hope that my parenting during her informative years will be beneficial to when she finally flies the cuckoos nest to start her own nut house out in the wide world. I want her to be whatever she wants to be, as long as she is happy with her decision. She currently doesn't want to be a nurse because she saw on the news tonight that nurses are striking because they don't get paid much.

Livian turned 42 last week. We're getting old. My Mum will be 60 next year. Nothing like looking at your age and wondering where it all went. This is the reason I journal/blog. They're going to be the memories I forget, but can look back at and remember when I go senile.

Our babies are delicious.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Today I learned that Mane-Turei-Wenerei-Taite-Paraire etc. aren't used anymore in schools. They say Rāapa for Wednesday. Learned that from my 7 year old who asked me what Wenerei was when I asked Shaily what day it was today.

I love my job, but I am looking forward to the upcoming term holidays next week.

Currently, this is my luxury after an 8-hour shift. I purchased a few boxes through the school kitchen, tena koe BidFoods, that sit and wait for me at the end of a long day. I imagine it's the same kind of luxury for people who go home to a glass of wine or a bottle of beer every day. It's just very satisfying.

Two terms at the school and I've found a new appreciation for my culture and I love working with my own people. I have more gratitude to Maoridom now. Probably should learn to pronounce some Maori words better, but car-pie.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Last week

Sunday night.


Got his pins out and cast off on Friday. He’s a brave Padwan.

Thursday night. The 24 foot long Sundae at work that fed 40 boys.

Death of the cellphone

They’re probably one of the best and one of the worst things ever invented and I’m not even talking about kids on cellphones. 

I’ve been sitting here at work for all four hours and in those four hours I have had numerous people trying to contact me for reasons that I shouldn’t even have to worry about. I was having a great Monday until the phone started going off the rails with people needing something.

I’m working.

I don’t want a cellphone for communication anymore. I get roped into too many things that way and it takes too much out of my day when I have to do something for someone else from work.

From now on .. my phone is only for Toon Blast.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Sometimes there doesn't seem like there's any time to blog.

We hadn't seen him for a whole week (Facetime excluded). His Mum had to work late tonight, so he was ours for a few hours.

He's pretty naughty and he knows how to say, 'Ok' and 'Light'. He's also deathly afraid of Hubba's winter gloves.

And then there were kisses with his Aunty Hubs.

3 weeks left til Term 2 holidays.
God is good.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I quit one job to take more hours at the other and for the first time in 15 weeks, I've been able to find the time to go grocery shopping for real food so I don't have to feed Hub's McDonalds or food that requires me to add hot water and butter to it.

It was a good move.
A necessary move.

Love my job.
For real.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


I tried to be a hairdresser on Thursday night. I followed a YouTube video I had seen before about cutting and layering. The job wasn't that bad, but when I got to the back I started hacking at it like I was felling a great tree. I took her to the hairdressers on Friday afternoon to fix it up.

She wanted to go shorter, but this length is sufficient. She's a bit of a Tom Boy.

This boy is just ten shades of beautiful. Him, his eyes, his curls and his smelly cast are delish.

Great holiday weekend.
Enjoying the break.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stiddy update

Ain’t nothing stopping him, not even a giant cast on his arm. I still cringe that I have to sleep in the crime scene, but he’s doing just fine after his fall. He went back to daycare this morning after his hiatus, and he didn’t even cry about it. He must’ve missed Aunty Harriett.

FaceTime with Aunty Hubs. She makes him light up every time we call, which is twice a day.

He’s the yummiest.