Sunday, January 22, 2017


In the last few days I've heard three good things that have been beneficial to me. Last Sunday during the talk of a returned missionary, who has been home not quite a year yet, he said:

I know God is real more than I know you are all sitting here in front of me right now.

I thought that was simply amazing for him to be able to have and share such confirmation. The second thing, which was from another RM (via sister), who was teaching the difference between understanding and understanding. Not word for word.

I have an apple with seeds in it. I planted the seeds, watered the plants and grew apple trees and now I have a load of apples. What do you understand?

You have the apple seeds. You plant the seeds and water the plants and watch them grow. You harvest the apples and now have a load of apples. What is your understanding now?

Out of the mouths of babes and into the hearts of those looking for an answer.

Also .. got my temple recommend today after working on being able to answer all the questions. Sometimes it's better to just let go rather than try. Better on the heart and mind.

Man speaks to your mind, God speaks to your heart.

I was told today during my interview to not let what people do or say get to me. He went on to say that unless it leaves a positive score on your heart, it's insignificant.

After a crap Christmas and New Years, I've found my chi to move forward in 2017.

Jeston received his Aaronic Priesthood today at church. Something to make his parents, and the rest of the family too, very proud. All through the ordination, Avi made fart noises from her mouth.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Jesiticles.

Today .. my nephew Jeston is 12. Edda big boy now. We recreated a photo ...


Happy Birthday Maani Boy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Avilicious

Jan 18th - 2016.

Jan 18th - 2017.

Back to reality for Shaily today. Her summer holiday has ended.
Just in time for Avi's birthday bash.

With big sister Nessa.

With Dad.

With big sister Tyler.

Rome was AWOL.
Jeston was stuck to his device.
Mum was in the kitchen and Avi just didn't want a photo with Hubba.

The Birthday Girl

At this point she was over her high chair and everyone around her. Hub's was the killjoy who blew out her candle during the final birthday words .. happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday My Avis! I love you more than your sisters .. maybe a grain more than Hubs.
Just tricking Hubs. Except for yesterday. You were an imbecile yesterday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

31 weeks.

Little Balls is going to be a heifer.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saw the fish.

Avi is a Shultz for the weekend while her far-now are out of town. Took her to the Aquarium in Napier. We got there right on feeding time. Not the best idea because to see the feeding frenzy you have to go through the tunnel and everyone was there to watch it. Hub's loved the tunnel. We had to go through it five times.

Avi just did not care. She sat in her stroller looking all bored. The only smile I got from her was in the elevator when it jolted upwards. PS. The elevator at the Aquarium is shady.

I did this a few times because she hated the faux shark and fought to get out of her stroller and away from it. She needed some memory to take away with her of the Aquarium and the real fish just didn't spark her interest.

.. and here's Hubs back in 2011. Same age. Same place. Different Selachimorpha. I tried in vain to find the photo of Nessa and the same shark doing the same thing. Nessa still hates Brucey, from Finding Nemo, to this day.

100% wasted $30 .. but I'm feeling OK about it because I know someone who spent $435 on a phone call today because they were roaming internationally.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10 days into Jan.

Since reading Aunty Hop's letters and starting the BoM since the beginning of the year, it was a good time to teach her about keeping a record of things.  Reading Aunty Hop's letters is like reading my life from someone else's perspective and inputting her own life into the letters just makes it more great to read. There is something in there about everyone in her life at the time, including the dogs my grandfather or Papa Greg owned.

Hub's started a journal yesterday. I think I was 8 when I first started a journal and there was ALOT of stuff in there about New Kids on the Block and Karate Kids Ralph Macchio. She wrote about her day and wanted to add how much she thinks Laman and Lamuel are morons, but I told her anyone who has read the book would most likely agree anyway.

Maxed out at 29°C today. Tomorrow is supposed to be 33, which isn't too bad by desert standards, but with 47% humidity, it's a bit unbearable.

Got to see Miss Avi today because I didn't get to see her yesterday. She's a teething monster at the moment. She'll be a year old next Wednesday. P-a-r-t-a-y.

Livian went diving this morning with his squad. I've never known Livian to go diving before. Surfing yes, painting a house yes, mowing the lawns three times a week yes. Diving ... it's a first.
Between them they bought enough seafood home to feed three houses.

Kina (sea urchin). Mitchy had her first taste today and actually liked them. They're best had straight from the shell. There is no other way to have them.

Two little fish.


Dinner with The Parentals.

Ending the day with a strawberry milkshake .. and I don't usually like strawberries.

It was Mitchy's birthday yesterday. It wasn't forgotten.
Happy Birthday for yesterday Mitch. That's two orders of dynamite I owe you because I still didn't make last years one.

Last night I was advised to read Standing For Something by Gordon B Hinkley.
I'll let you know how that goes.

Monday, January 9, 2017

A new day.

Tried to take my mind off things today, but I think it takes more than just getting out of the house and flying a kite. At least she enjoyed it even though we couldn't get it up for longer. It's pretty dry out here right now. If we weren't on the town supply of water, I'm sure we'd be stuck in the middle of a drought.

Kaimoana from Mangakuri.

Letters from yesterday.

I am more like her than I thought.

I just don't like golf.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Letters from yesterday.

Letter's from Aunty Hop came yesterday by way of Aunty Val.
I'm at 1989 and I'm really surprised how relevant they are 27 years later.

How appropriate .. because today I love my Mum more than any other day I've loved her.

Friday, January 6, 2017


For nearly two years I held information that my family refused to believe. For nearly two years I convinced myself that what I observed and what made sense really did make sense. For nearly two years I felt my family thought I was a 'busy body' for trying to show them what I saw. For nearly two years I felt trapped because everyone else was in denial about what I knew. I drove myself crazy wondering why no one listened and everyone denied.

Today I was relieved of that information and I'm glad. I literally felt the burden lift from my shoulders and it's something I don't have to worry about anymore and something I won't worry about anymore.

If you want to go to all the wrong people for support and advice, so be it. If you want to go to the people who will thrive in your unhappiness, so be it. I will never be able to help you.

That person is not me.


6 days into the new year and it has not been great.
I'm feeling it today.

It's a day for disappearing.
Why can't people just be normal.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Just smile Avis.

Had her for 20 minutes today.
It was the worst 20 minutes ever, especially when combined with Hubs.

She arrived half asleep with her diaper/nappy half off and I only had a smaller sized pack .. so she was bare ass for about 2 minutes.

She managed to pee, with her half off nappy, all up in her suit and poop on my floor twice. I gave her a bath and had Hubba watch her while I cleaned the poop. She doesn't listen to anything Hubba tells her to do and decided she wanted out of the bath-tub. Barely taller than the tub and she tried to climb out herself. When I told her she was a disgusting foul mofo, she just laughed.

But how can you complain about cleaning poop off of your carpet when the culprit is teeth grittingly* cute.

* possible this isn't a word.