Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Happy Winter.

You don't know your own inner strength until you are faced with holding up the strongest person you know.

May June slip away quietly into the pool of distant memories.

Happy Winter Internets.
It's the most wonderful time of the year in the Southern Hemisphere for two reasons.

1. The Cold.
2. Rugby.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Winter is here.

Happy June Internets.
There's been a lot of death in the rohe lately. There's been a lot of reflection. There's been an abundance of red in the community, but the church is true.

New Zealand's second temple site was announced a few weeks ago when the Prophet did his Pacific tour. It's close to my sister's house voiding the Hamilton temple for us because of accommodation.

We're wrapping up a long weekend in the country where we observed the Queen's birthday. The only Queen that is worth mentioning is my Mum, who was 60 on Saturday. We drove to Auckland to spend the weekend with sister and her family. We had a birthday dinner on Saturday and beat the snow home on Sunday. A good, but quick break away.

Today we chilled.
Tomorrow is work again.
4 more weeks til Term 2 is over.
It's been the worst term yet.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wacky Work Wednesday

I wish I could tell you all about work, but I'd probably get fired.
This week I hate my workplace because of some of the people in it. 😠

My view from the couch after a crap day lifted my wairua.

Click it to view it in it's entirety.

Two more days of work til the weekend.
15 more days til Queens birthday weekend aka. holiday weekend.
50 more days til Term 2 is over. 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Saturday at Ocean Beach.

I don't know who these two are, but it made a great shot.

Avi & Hubs.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Twins.

It's hard to believe they're 17 today.

I thought they were going to grow up to be monsters, but they're two of the most perfect gentlemen I know! Kudo's to their crazy Mum.

There are 4 sets of twins in my immediate family .. but we're outdone by the whanau who have two sets of twins and two sets of triplets in the motu.
Ra Whanau Mofos.

Monday, April 29, 2019


9 weeks till the end of the term.
I am glad this term isn't 11 weeks long like the last term.

Toying with the idea of sending Hub's to one of the local Maori boarding schools in the area. It's still 5 years away from that happening, but I'm leaning towards it if for anything, for the experience.

From these two videos .. I am very much so basing it on 1. The better song 2. The better uniform and 3. The better performance, which is a dumb thing to do when you want to invest in 4 years of High School for your child.
I know this.

I prefer Hukarere because they're the sister school to Te Aute: my workplace.
I prefer not to go with Hukarere because they're the sister school to Te Aute.

5 years to decide.
Maybe, by some miraculous reason, they'll bring CCNZ back, however, can't say I liked that place a whole lot either.
I also want to pull Hubba from her current school, but convenience stops me.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Happy Easter

Didn't forget about Easter and the sacrifice and chocolate.
While I was sitting at the piano during sacrament, I listened to the speakers talk about how Christ bled from every pore. This pointed me to Leviticus 17:11. Basically, blood is life and without it, there is simply no life. Blood is required in order for the wages of sin to be paid.

As humans, we like to self-atone.
When we do something bad we try justify it with something, essentially covering it up and saying it will be OK.

Adam and Eve did the same thing.
When they partook of the fruit they suddenly realized they were nude in the garden of Eden so they covered themselves with leaves to hide the shame of being nude. Didn't work out for them, they knew when God eventually showed up that he knew that they knew that they were naked. So God sacrificed an animal, blood shed, to make them clothes from the animal skin so they would no longer be naked and ashamed. This is an example of atoning .. as early as Adam and Eve.

Sin is not vanquished when you think it's concealed.

Happy late Easter Internets.

Monday, April 22, 2019


Last week of the school holidays. These holidays have been pretty fantastic.
We gave the feijoa chutney a run on Sunday for lunch.
Worked nicely with the smoked Kahawai.

Took a drive around the hood to see what there was to offer. Found a new feijoa spot closer. Their feijoas are way better than the normal spot .. which I can now disclose as being Southland Rd the rural end heading south, they offer Apollo feijoas. The new spot offers a different species, probably Kakariki, because they're super sweet. The difference in taste is like comparing a granny smith to a pacific rose apple.

Stopped at Hub's school and picked some of their apples from their trees. I'm not sure that these are granny smiths, but my Mum thinks they are just because they're green.

Prime Limes is 3kms up the road from us. I never knew about the place until yesterday. I went looking for feijoas at the farm just after it and spotted the sign for limes. Pretty sure their limes are Tahiti limes, I much prefer key limes, but Tahiti is closer to NZ than the Florida Keys so ....

Also went to the local garden at our marae and picked a bunch of what I think are Anaheim peppers and also green capsicums.

Made apple sauce. Hate apple sauce, but I'm pretty sure I'll eat it when the zombies come.

The new feijoas over ice-cream.

Bottled these with lime and olive oil. Gave them a nice water bath and I'll see how that works out for me after a few months in the pantry.

The last two days has bought 6 jars of feijoas, 2 jars of apple sauce, 2 jars of the lime peppers in olive oil. I also froze 3 bags of the new feijoas and made 2 liters of chicken bone broth using the capsicums with an array of other flavors.

I'm trading 4 can's of feijoas with an old school friend who has his own self-sufficient life style block in Hamilton. He want's my feijoas and I want his raw honey.

For real. It's essential to be prepared.
It's made me frugal. I now keep and freeze vegetables cut-offs so I can make bone broths.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Easter Saturday.

This morning.
I dropped some cocoa in the pot last night before I went to bed. My house smelled like hot chocolate this morning.

Added the seasoning.

And the pork, then let it sit for the rest of the day on the keep warm setting.

Sugar-free feijoa popsicles.

Peanut & walnut brittle.

I broke my thermometer last year, but I've made the stuff enough that the color and the way it boils gives away the temperature.

Sent some out to the family and kept a container for the pantry.

The Livians and their happy easter Saturday.
I like this one the best because of the boy.
Everyone else looks like they might very well be a lil bit drunk.

They're all going to be 40 years old with their own kids and still expecting easter eggs from the parents. Rome (mint green ear muffs) was in her own world.

Hub's and Stimpy.

Quick snaps.

The Dog Whisperer.

Hub's loves these puppies. She's dying to have one, but it's not happening. Dogs and their poop are gross. They're very cute though ..

By 8pm the beans were done.
4 containers went into the freezer for the zombie apocalypse food storage.

Even the boy liked it.

It's extremely liberating getting on top of the food storage. There's a reason the church teach about it if for anything, an unexpected rainy day. I am enjoying it, but tomorrow, I rest.